Why are you here? Looking for help figuring it out?

Are you are at a point in life where you find yourself wondering…Who am I?

and perhaps

Why am I here?

Maybe your life has taken some unexpected turns. A job, relationship, or health change has left you wondering about where the next part of your path lies?

Or perhaps you’ve lived enough of life to have climbed above the noise that engulfs most people’s daily existence. And as you’ve left the noise behind, you’ve discovered within the silence, a deep calling to know and live your true destiny?

If either of those apply to you, then I encourage you to give yourself a gift. The gift of getting clear about who you are and why you are here.

You can view this short video I created to better understand.

The experience is based on the teachings of The Why Cafe, and the Big Five for Life. The Big Five for Life is a concept I introduced in my book following The Why Cafe.

Life is amazing when we become clear.

Your fellow traveler on this amazing adventure called life,


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