The Why Cafe Helps Long Term Unemployed Get Back on Their Feet

The tiny little cafe in the “middle of the middle of nowhere” is helping people in the southern part of the U.K.

At the YMCA Training Center in the county of Kent, experts are helping local residents who have been hit by the downturn in the economy. A visit to The Why Cafe is part of the path they recommend.

“Long term unemployment is a challenge for a lot of the people who come to us,” said John Vinson, one of the experts on staff. “The Why Cafe is a great tool for us to help them. It’s a short little book, so people aren’t intimidated by it, and the story is very inspiring. It helps them get a renewed sense of purpose in their life. And that’s a critical step in going from unemployed to employed.”

The team gives out the books to local people who come in seeking advice and assistance for getting back on their feet. Then they use the story as a way to engage residents to talk about different life, career and training options.

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