John Interviewed on Fox National News About Unemployment in U.S

Is 99 weeks of unemployment benefits producing lazy Americans?

That was the question posed by interviewers in John’s recent interview with Fox national news.(See below for the video.)

During the interview John addressed some of the reasons why people may not be very motivated to get back into the workforce, when they can collect almost two years of unemployment benefits for not working.

John knows what it’s like to be laid off and understands first hand all the emotions and challenges that come with it. It was the experience of being let go from his job which eventually led to him writing The Why Cafe.

In the interview John speaks about shared responsibility, where the existing educational system has resulted in people ending up in careers they don’t like, and therefore they aren’t all that unhappy to be out of. Especially when they can get paid to not work.

While this may not be the reality for all people currently collecting unemployment, the latest job satisfaction statistics support it, with 64% of people under 25 reporting they are unhappy in their work.

As John notes, in many cases, people have become victims of a system which has set them up for failure.

Regardless of why someone is on unemployment, John’s key point is this. “Laying you off was their choice. What you do after that is yours. You can either let this experience crush you, or you can take the two years of paid benefits and become an expert in something you are genuinely excited about, and turn your whole life around.

If you do it right, becoming unemployed can be the best thing that ever happened to you.

They chose, now you choose.”

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