HR Matters Magazine Calls The Why Cafe – Inspiring

One of the unexpected joys of The Why Cafe adventure has been watching fans of the book share it with their teams and co-workers in their workplaces.

In this latest review, HR Matters Magazine calls the new 2011 edition of  The Why Cafe “Inspiring.”

According to editor Rowena Morais,

“The book is excellent for realigning you and making you stop and reconsider. It’s very easy to get caught up in the busy-ness of daily life. To be completely immersed in the daily goings-on of your children’s lives or your careers and lose sight of where you want to be or even who you want to be. The fact however is that who we are sometimes is very different to who we want to be.

Sometimes we need to get away for a while to realign, sometimes we need to meditate, or read particular books or be open to new experiences. Whatever it is that we need, we sometimes are required to make a complete full stop on our lives and reassess where we are, what we are doing and where it is that we want to be.

This book helps us in that.

It talks about our PFE or our Purpose for Existing. The argument the author makes is that the most fulfilled people are those who know their PFE and do what it takes to fulfill it.

I recommend this book because it’s an excellent book to really make you think about what you are about and what you want to be.”

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