Join me in Arkansas for an amazing event- September, 2015

Join me Sept. 3-7th at the amazing Re-Thinking Everything Conference!

I’ve had the pleasure of speaking at this conference twice before and it’s one of the few that I actively recommend to people.

They bring in a wide variety of speakers on a whole host of different topics. From parenting to health, to living the life you want in the way you want (my area), to all kinds of other stuff.

Basically, you can’t help but walk away with some amazing new perspectives.

It’s an incredibly inexpensive conference. I keep telling them they should raise the rates because what they deliver is really something special. Way beyond the admission price.

I’ll be speaking four times at the conference on a variety of topics. I look forward to seeing you there!

Learn more about it here.

Return to The Why Cafe hits #1 Bestseller list in Germany

Thank you to the many fans who have helped make this happen!

It was a great experience writing this sequel to The Why Cafe and I’m thrilled fans are enjoying it as well.

If you haven’t gotten your copy yet, you can get the Ebook versions English, German, or French.

Or you can get the physical book. Signed english language copies with FREE SHIPPING (US only) are available in our new bookstore.

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1001 Inspirational Quotes – Free E-book



The Why Cafe sequel is now here!

Are you ready for a new story from the cafe? Check out the brand new book- Return to The Why Cafe.  

You can get a signed copy with FREE SHIPPING (US Only) from our new online store!

If you prefer e-book format, it is available on and iTunes!

(e-books also available now in French and German)

To read more about the book, scroll down the page a bit.

About the Book:

On a random night, along a forgotten road, John’s life was forever changed when he wandered into a tiny little place known affectionately as-The Why Cafe.

After spending an entire evening there, he walked out with a new perspective about the meaning of life overall, and about his life in particular.

To his great surprise, ten years later, he suddenly finds himself at the cafe once again.

There are more questions on the cafe menu.

Why are you here?    Are you playing in your playground?    Do you have MPO?

Along with new adventures to be had.

And as before, his time at the cafe launches his life in an inspiring and new direction.

Set in the beautiful islands of Hawaii, this follow-up to the #1 Bestseller, The Why Cafe, returns readers to the place where great food, thought provoking questions, and life-changing experiences, are all on the menu.

Settle into a cozy booth by the window, and enjoy your-Return to The Why Cafe.

Museum Day Video – Inspiring

A gift for you as you reflect on the events in your life this year, and think about what lies ahead in 2014. Enjoy and please share as you wish with others.

(I recommend turning up your speakers and watching it in full screen mode.)

English Language Version

German Language Version

Interested in helping others discover their Purpose? October 26-27, 2013 Montreal, Canada.

If you would like to help others discover their PFE (Purpose for Existing) and Big Five for Life (From my third book, The Big Five for Life), then join me for my upcoming coach certification training.

The training is based on the concepts in my books The Why Cafe and Big Five for Life.

It will take place October 26-27 in Montreal, Canada.

(Get a whole bunch more information)


Beyond the Burnout, to Discovering your Destiny – October 5-6, 2013 Tampa, FL

Are you are at a point in life where you find yourself wondering…Who am I?

and perhaps

Why am I here?

Maybe your life has taken some unexpected turns. A job, relationship, or health change has left you wondering about where the next part of your path lies?

Or perhaps you’ve lived enough of life to have climbed above the noise that engulfs most people’s daily existence. And as you’ve left the noise behind, you’ve discovered within the silence, a deep calling to know and live your true destiny?

If one of those apply to you, then I encourage you to take part in this two day experience. It will connect you to your authentic self in a way you have never been connected before.

The course is based on the teachings of my books The Why Cafe, and the Big Five for Life.

It will take place October 5-6 in Tampa, Florida. The instructor is the amazing Charlyn Shelton, one of my master trainers.

As a thank you for registering early, be one of the first ten participants who registers before July 1st, and you can bring a guest for free if you would like.

To register, please visit the registration page.

If you have any questions about the event, please contact us.

Your fellow traveler on this amazing adventure called life,


Ten Tips for Living the Life of Your Dreams Article

Thank you for your interest in my article “Ten Tips for Living the Life of Your Dreams.”

You can access it at HERE.